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It's more than just brick and mortar, a home is more than lumber, drywall, cabinets, and appliances. You deserve a home that is built to last with unmistakable quality and thoughtful design, built by a builder who truly cares about your life and memories. Your home is a special place where your life unfolds and memories are made.

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From the very beginning, it’s been our goal to build a better home with the features and benefits that give you confidence and lasting value. We employ the latest techniques in building science, even creating our own building standards that improve upon standard code. From foundation to rooftop, from wall to wall, we’re constantly striving to give our homeowners the very best in solid, sound, energy efficient living.

Diligent Engineering

3000 PSI concrete pours delivering sustained quality and a superior foundation for your new home. We go way above the bare minimum beccause the smaller things during design and development can have a huge impact on the look, feel and longevity of your home

Weather Proofing

Every home is wrapped in a weather-tight envelope that keeps weather out and comfort in. We seal every seam, and caulk every crevice. No matter what the season, you’ll be comfortable. And you’ll feel even more comfortable with your lower energy bills and a higher efficiency home.

Careful Coats

We use Satin Exterior paint, it's more durable and touches up better than flat paint. The finish also enhances the color tones and improves rain run-off. We also conduct independent PH Factor tests on stucco before we paint it. This results in superior paint adherence that extends the life of the paint.

Air Quality Planning

We work with Open-Web Floor Trusses, this allows ductwork to be installed with a minimum airflow restriction, while maximizing structural integrity. When external AC fans are installed, we use a 5 1/2 inch concrete thickness for greater stability and precise connections.

Inspired Openings

Well designed openings by going beyond the minimum standards for secondary bedroom egress windows, your bedrooms are brighter and better lit. Your doors a functionally placed to optimize movement from room to room. And no guess work required, we measure them all and get them right everytime.

Rules to live by

When you build a better home, it’s easy to stand behind your work. And we do both. No one in the industry has a more comprehensive warranty package than we do. It’s exactly what founder, Michael Squeo, had in mind when he told us to “always treat the customer right.”

Our Experience, passions & success

Land Acquistion

We work diligently with our partners and clients for land acquisition and have had success with a curated criteria and targetting high demand land purchase, resulting in successful project completion.


We have extensive exposure in Wood Building Structures and our leadership team has successfully collaborated with builder partners to deliver over 150 units over the past decade.


Commercial land development, with full cyle development process from initial site assessments all the way to sale of units is managed by our teams.

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